Frequently asked questions


On this page you will find answers to question that you may already have thought about. Like this you can get information about the process and procedures in advance.


1. Why even work with a professional translator? There are automated translations!

- For many the "easier" / "faster" way is to copy & paste the text into a website. However, in contrast to a professional translator, the AI cannot reproduce language nuances and differences of meaning. When working with a professional you have a partner, who will gladly answer your questions. If you want to appear serious, you should work with a serious translation provider!


2. In which direction are translations done at Inter-lation?

- If the source text is in English or French, the destination language is German.
If the source text is in German, the destination language is English.


3. How long does a translation take?

- The time it takes to translate a text depends on various aspects, such as, for example, the length and complexity of it.

In any case I will send you a non-binding offer for the work and await acceptance before starting the translation.


4. How much does a translation cost?

- For further information on this please go to the Price Information page.


5. Which texts are translated at Inter-lation?

- In all cases, the text to be translated is examined before the offer is written so that a time and cost frame can determined.

The next step is the allocation of a translator whose knowledge base is most suitable for the task in hand. As you have already read at The Network page, Inter-lation has a network of translators who collaborate with me for exactly this situation.