The Network 


Networking is vitally important for the work of freelancers. What's more, the customer has all the advantages from working with a translator who has a broad professional network:

  • You need a different language at some point? - I know a colleague for that.

  • Someone falls ill and can't finish the translation in time? - My colleague can help out.

  • A specific technical text is needed? - My colleague is specialised in that field.

In this way, you can rely not only on one person's expertise and knowledge of a specialised field, but you can easily find a language professional for every need.


Zheng Han, M.A.


Sworn translator for the Chinese language

Certified lecturer for Chinese

Trainer for Intercultural Communication

Ilka Waßmann, Diplom-Übersetzerin


Chinese classes

Sworn translator for Chinese

Sworn translator for Italian

Florim Bytyqi


Sworn interpreter for Albanian
Sworn translator for Albanian